Celtic Harp by
Jennifer Pratt-Walter
Ancient Realms 

Ancient Realms, Celtic Harp by Jennifer Pratt-Walter All arangements by Jennifer Pratt-Walter except these sections: Au Renouvel du Tens and Nobilis Humilis -- first verse of each arranged by Deborah Friou. Merch Megan -- first verse arranged by Sue Richards. Saltarello arrangement inspired by Kim Robertson's version in "Celtic Christmas". Slängpolska arrangement inspired by the style of Beth Kolle', FFFHF 1998.

Special thanks to Kim, Sue, Deborah, Beth, and Marge Van Nus for generously sharing their music; to my friends in ODS, SisterSpirit, FFFHF, and Merry Meet; to my teacher Marion Fouse; to Val Blessley for being there; to Harper Tasche for his wisdom; to Ronn and Burke of Sountracks for their expertise; and to my Husband and Family for their support and encouragement.

Jennifer Pratt-Walter is an accomplished musician on several folk instruments, but Celtic Harp is her true love and life's quest. Jennifer's music reflects her love of poetry, folk dancing, gardening and living harmoniously with the rhythms of the seasons. She studied harp with the respected Marion Fouse, Portland OR. Jennifer plays with the recorder consort Merry Meet, and performs widely in the ensemble Celtic Muse -- watch for their upcoming recording of Celtic and Early music.

Sound bites
1. Inscription of Seikilos / Saltarello MPEG 3 (129k) Real Audio (129k)
2. Lament for Hector the Hero MPEG 3 (102k) Real Audio (102k)
3. Loch Tay Boat Song MPEG 3 (100k) Real Audio (100k)
4. Merch Megan MPEG 3 (92k) Real Audio (93k)
5. My Roving Galway Boy MPEG 3 (123k) Real Audio (124k)
6. Slängpolska frôn Smôland MPEG 3 (118k) Real Audio (118k)
7. The Castle of Dromore MPEG 3 (102k) Real Audio (103k)
8. Au Renouvel du Tens MPEG 3 (116k) Real Audio (116k)
9. I Would Be With You MPEG 3 (117k) Real Audio (117k)
10. Nobilis Humilis MPEG 3 (130k) Real Audio (131k)
11. Kiss Me Quick, Me Mither's Coming MPEG 3 (135k) Real Audio (136k)
12. Galician Waltz MPEG 3 (106k) Real Audio (106k)
13. All Through The Night MPEG 3 (109k) Real Audio (110k)
14. Hymnus ad Gallicinium MPEG 3 (131k) Real Audio (132k)

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Jennifer welcomes your comments. You can contact her at Lyrica@prodigy.net

Jennifer Pratt-Walter, Celtic Harp

  1. Inscription of Seikilos / Saltarello (Ancient Greek / Anon. Italian) The Instription, also know as the Aidin Epitaph, dates from about the second century BCE. It is a brief melody inscribed into a grave stone, and reminds the reader to enjoy life in its sweet fleeting. A Saltarello is an energetic triple-metered Italian dance.
  2. Lament for Hector the Hero (J. Scott Skinner, 1843-1927) Scott Skinner was a prolific Scottish fiddle composer, popular to this day. To me, this lament suggest a lone piper's plaintive call echoing around the bleak Highland hills.
  3. Loch Tay Boat Song (Traditional Scottish) I first heard this poignant tune as a child. It has haunted me since. I was delighted to stumble across the melody and words in 1997, completing the fragmented echoes in my memory. The text is a tale of "gaol", Scots-Gaelic for deep, eternal love, and grief at its loss.
  4. Merch Megan (Traditional Welsh) "Merch Megan" means "Megan's Daughter", and I can only surmise that she was as light and comely as this tune suggests. The high section is reminiscent of the rapid, soaring style of the Welsh triple-strung harp.
  5. My Roving Galway Boy (Traditional Irish) This wondrous example of the Mixolydian mode speaks deeply to me of the power the bards of old held in voice and harp. In true folk tradition, the tune has several other names as well.
  6. Slängpolska frôn Smôland (Traditional Swedish) The slängpolska is a graceful, flirtatious Swedish folk dance. This tune is joined by an alto recorder descant, composed and performed by Jennifer.
  7. The Castle of Dormore (Traditional Irish) "Take time to thrive, my Ray of Hope, in the garden of Dromore. Take heed, young eaglet, 'til thy wings are feathered fit to soar." A mother tenderly sings this lullaby dating back to eighth century Ireland.
  8. Au Renouvel du Tens (Anonymous 13th century French) Carried by the trouveres, the gentle notes of this song tell of the renewal of both the year and of love in the spring, yet also murmurs a reminder of winter cold.
  9. I Would Be With You (J. Pratt-Walter, 1997) Sometimes death separates parents from children far too early. Whether a soldier or housewife, welder or Princess of Wales, the sentiment would be similar if I could, I would be with you.
  10. Nobilis Humilis (Anonymous) Also known as "Hymn to Saint Magnus", this mystical Lydian piece comes from the 12th century Orkney Islands.
  11. Kiss Me Quick, Me Mither's Coming (Traditional Scottish) Try some Scottish Country dancing to this delightful modal reel! The tune appeared in Johnson's C.C.D.S. collection of 1748. An alternative dance for this tune is "Bonny Jockey".
  12. Galician Waltz (Traditional Galician) Hear the Celtic influence in this beautiful song from Galicia in Northwest Spain.
  13. All Through The Night (Traditional Welsh) "O'er thy spirit gently stealing, visions of delight revealing, breathes a pure and Holy feeling..." Beloved worldwide, this 18th century hymn is also known as "Ar Hyd Y Nos".
  14. Hymnus ad Gallicinium (Italian, circa 4th century CE) "Hymn at Cockrow". One of the most ancient of Christian hymns, the words and possibly the melody are attributed to St. Ambrose. Bishop of Milan, in the late 300's. It reminds me of the Biblical tale when Peter denies Jesus three times before cockcrow, as prophesied, on the morning of the crucifixion.
Lyrica model harp custom crafted by Mark Blessley of Vancouver, Washington. Cover Painting and Photographs by Valerie Blessley, Copyright © 1998 all rights reserved.
Recorded and Engineered by Ronn Chick and Burke Harris at Soundtracks Studio, Battleground, Washington from February to May 1998.
Graphic Design by John Zobrist of Musicraft Multi-Media, Woodburn, Oregon.

Jennifer welcomes your comments. You can contact her at Lyrica@prodigy.net

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