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Artist's Statement - Rick Duim

My initial artistic statements were made designing CD and cassette covers for the band I played in, the Humboldt Brothers. This was in the 80's and early 90's. During this time my professional career was as a computer programmer (medical software, and 3D CAD software). I became more interested in art during several trips to Canada and Utah during the early 90's. The landscapes I saw kindled an interest in art that began with a software program called PC Paintbrush. I took video and would capture frames of video, then take the frames into Paintbrush and paint them. I was hooked. During the early 90's I discovered fractal art (a program called FRACTINT, I use it to this day). The combination of videography, photography, and fractals combined with painting became an obsession. During the 90's I painted and created a lot of work, but never really considered myself an artist. This interest was further fueled by the Internet, where I started to display my artwork in 1995 at duim.com. By the time 2000 rolled around, I realized that I had become an artist in mixed media, and that programming, although interesting to me, was not what I wanted to do. I am an artist, and it took a long time to realize it. In 2005 I decided to pursue my artistic dreams more deeply, and the website you see today is the fruition of that drive.

·  Why do you like to make art?
·  What subjects do you prefer? Why?

When I see the world, the shapes, patterns, and colors that I see constantly amaze me. When I drive and hike in the mountains and hills of the Southwestern United States, I see a different pattern every time. And yet, I see a similarity that ties it all together. Many years ago I discovered fractals. For those of you who do not know about fractals, fractals generate images from mathematical formulas. The patterns that are generated from fractals also amaze me. Between landscapes and fractals, I am driven to create, without it I would not be a "whole" person. I wake up thinking about landscapes, sunsets, and fractal imagery. For me, there is something profoundly spiritual in the patterns of life and math.

·  What processes and techniques do you use? Why?

I use a mixed media process, which includes photography, videography, fractals, digital painting, and pencil drawings. Since I began my professional career as a computer programmer, I've found the computer to be a tremendous tool in the creative process. The ability to paint digitally, and working in photography and digital fractals has been the basis of all of my graphic work since I became a visual artist in 1991.

·  How is your work different from others?

My work differs from many other artists in a couple of ways. Integrating photography, digital painting, drawing, and fractals together is my calling card, and is not something that I have seen other artists attempt. I also believe in a wide color palette, which has led to a very colorful, often "psychedelic" style. One of my friends has commented that my style is: Art meets Nature meets Math meets Psychedelia. It's the best description I've heard yet.

·  What do you see in your artwork?

I see the pattern of life in my work. I love the beauty of the earth and the patterns that are all around us. And I am also amazed by math and fractals. When I look at my art, I want to go back to Utah and hike in Zion Canyon, Arches, or many of the other wonders of the Southwest and rediscover what inspired me in the first place.

·  What do other people say they see?

Some people love my landscapes, for their color and form, and the beauty of the Earth. Other people have enjoyed my abstracts and fractals, for the patterns, the color, and the unity of the math that created them.

·  What are your goals and aspirations as an artist?

My goal as an artist is to continue to create mixed media art and to be able to survive financially as an artist. I also love to play music and create art DVDs. Since 2000 I realized that my true soul is that of an artist. Although I have been a computer programmer for many years, my true talent and inspiration is in my art.

·  Who or what inspires you?

Artists: Paul Klee, Rene Magritte, Vincent van Gogh, Ansel Adams, and MC Escher.
Concepts: Landscapes, flowers, fractals, and, most of all, the Earth.

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Artist Bio

Rick Duim has been a graphic artist since 1991 and a web designer since 1995. His web related activities have included stints in aerospace (Boeing) and at an art museum (The Getty Museum). He has displayed his artwork on the web since 1995 at his award winning web site, Duim's Art Gallery.

He is a multi-talented artist, having been involved in many different projects over the years including:

· Graphic art
· Web Design
· Web Programming
· Computer programming and design
· Musician (guitar, bass, and keyboards)
· DVD authoring
· Photography

His interests in photography, landscapes, and fractals have led to art you see on this website. Also, he is in a band, the Dharma Pranksters. The music you hear on his DVD are his compositions, and reflect just one aspect of his many abilities. We hope you enjoy this website.

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